∞ On this day: Rossi vs Lorenzo


11 years ago today, the world witnessed one of the greatest MotoGP battles ever! Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo produced this epic at the 2009 CatalanGP!

The Italian Rossi was the GOAT. The Spaniard Lorenzo was the young upstart. They didn’t much like each other. Rossi wanted to show his teammate and bitter rival he still had what it took to beat him. The fact that it was in Spain made it even sweeter.

Remember, they are hitting top speeds in excess of 200+ mph. At the 2:25 mark, Rossi makes a move that to this day still takes my breath away. Any sane person would have got off the gas or hit the brakes. At 3:53, the announcer says Lorenzo told him, “if you go into these corners first, you know you’re going to win the race.” Someone should have told Rossi.

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I miss motorcycle racing.

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