Steam Top PC games list for April 2020 is a real odd bag

Today we’re taking a peek at the Steam Top Release list for April 2020, released here on the 22nd of May, 2020. This list includes a very strange assortment of games, some for kids, some for adults… and there’s a golf game too. As it was with all previous releases, the Top Steam Releases list for April 2020 was compiled by measured revenue generated during the first two weeks after launch.

The game collection on the top list for April were made by developer crews that hailed from 14 different countries. It’s easy to forget that when you’re playing a game that was meant to work with the entire world, it was still very likely developed by a crew of creators at a single location. That may change now that we’re living in a world changed by COVID-19, global pandemic, and the work-at-home revolution – but we shall see!

Arranged by release date, Valve listed the following games as top releases for the month of April, in the year 2020. They begin with Endzone – A World Apart, a post apocalyptic survival city builder made by Gentlymad Studios in Germany. Perfectly timed for these fearful times, for sure. This release was made as an “Early Access” title – and it’s got Mostly Positive reviews.

Next was Resident Evil 3 from Capcom in Japan. Basically every Resident Evil release has done well over the past several decades – why should this one be any different?

The game Blush Blush is… very difficult to describe. It was developed by the folks at Sad Panda Studios in Canada, and it’s certainly not for everyone. The next big game on the list from April is what might be the previous game’s exact opposite: DEADSIDE. Deadside is a very gruesome game doused in blood, created by Bad Pixel in Russia.

Bethesda Game Studios (in the USA) released Fallout 76 Wastelanders in April – and that sold exceedingly well. If you’re all about a card game, the game KARDS – The WWII Card Game, was released by 1939 Games in Iceland.

The game Dragon Marked for Death was released by Inti Creates, from Japan – it is an absolutely gorgeous game full of color and light. Another game whose success wasn’t a shock was Warhammer Underworlds Online, from Steel Sky Productions in Australia.

If you’re looking for the most unexpected game on the list, look to “122 Operator.” It’s like 911, but it’s in France. You’re the operator, and it’s your job to make sure emergency services are sent to people that need help!

You’ll also find Cloudpunk by Ion Lands (from Germany), and Iratus: Lord of the Dead from Unfrozen (Russia). If you’re looking for a racing game you’ll want to look to the Milestone (Italy) game MotoGP 20. XCOM Chimera Squad launched in April to great acclaim, as did Trials of Mana, Hypercharge Unboxed, and the epic title GEARS TACTICS.

The game Moving Out was one of the biggest tiny games of the month. Streets of Rage 4 was released in a retro fit of fighting fury. The last game on the list that cost money right out the gate was Train Station Renovation, from Live Motion Games in Poland. Top free games included KARDS (as noted above), Soldat, Royal Crown, Samsara Room, and the golf game WGT, by Topgolf Media. If you’d like links to any or all of these games, head over to the big list on Steam.

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