Pedrosa: taking you right into ‘the zone’

“Although there were no riders in front of me and I was leading, every corner for the first seven or eight laps, it was like slow motion. I don’t know how to… how… why this was like that. But everything happened so slow that I was feeling I was going so slow but it turns out I was breaking the record every lap. I was gapping Casey and Valentino by a second per lap. But, I was feeling that I was super slow. My brain, I don’t know, but my view was “I’m not going fast enough, I’m not going fast enough”. For the first seven laps, I pulled out a gap of seven seconds and then when I realised, “OK, I have seven seconds”, then suddenly I was back on the, let’s say, ‘normal’ behaviour or every race and then just managed the gap. But for the first seven laps I was doing the record but I was feeling “oh, there is more!”.

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