“I would hate to see us get away from that”:Brad Keselowski Talks About Racing at Indianapolis – Essentially Sports

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is regarded as a hugely iconic circuit in motorsport circles. Many top racing series used to visit it annually, and some still do. NASCAR, IndyCar, MotoGP and Formula One all had it on their calendar at some point. Sadly, F1 no longer visits the Brickyard, owing to that infamous scene in 2005 where only six cars took to the grid. Coming back to NASCAR though, driver Brad Keselowski recently spoke about the iconic circuit.

In a video, he said that he looked forward to visiting the oval, especially considering that F1 used to race there. According to him, anything at Indy is bound to be a lot of fun because of its racing pedigree. However, he did say that the oval gives off a more special feeling compared to the road course.

Brad Keselowski feels with the pedigree of the IMS oval, work needs to continue to find an aero package where the NASCAR Cup Series cars can put on a compelling show on the oval: pic.twitter.com/Fj5teZnpJQ

— Bob Pockrass (@bobpockrass) July 1, 2020

What else did Brad Keselowski say?

Speaking to Fox Sports, he said, “I would hate to see us get away from that. Find the rules package that can help us put on a show that is compelling, like an IndyCar race. No one really wants to see us on the road course. I understand that at this stage the road course racing in NASCAR is perceived to be more entertaining to watch.”

However, he did confess that he personally prefers to go race on the oval and put on a great race. Interestingly, he was quite critical of the IMS circuit last year after a frightening wreck.

Apparently, Erik Jones tried to slip underneath him while heading into Turn 2, but botched it. He clipped the back of Brad Keselowski and sent the car skidding into the outer wall before veering toward its final resting place.

What made it all the more terrifying was the fact that the car was on its side by a tire barrier. As a result, Keselowski had to clamber out of the driver’s side netting to free himself.

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