Michelin Malaysia launches “Power” motorcycle tyre range – pricing from RM423 for front, RM530 for rear

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As official tyre supplier to MotoGP, Michelin has a wealth of racing knowledge to draw on for its tyres which has now culminated in the Michelin Power motorcycle tyre range for large displacement motorcycles. Aiming to provide a safe but performance oriented experience for motorcycle riders, Michelin Power comes in four different versions.

Designed for the rider who spends more time on the road, the Power 5 delivers both grip and tyre longevity on tarmac, especially in wet conditions. This is reflected in the tread void ratio of 11% – the difference between the amount of rubber and the gap between the tread blocks – which allows for better water dispersion.

Sizing for the Power 5 is 120/70-17 for the front tyre, priced at RM 423. For the rear, sizing starts at 160/60-17 for RM530, up to 200/55-17 at RM659.

For the sportier rider, the Power GP is a balance between a road and track tyre. For performance during hard cornering the Power GP features shoulders that are slick for grip and stability at extreme lean angles and a tread void of 6.5% for water dispersion when upright.

Pricing for the Power GP is RM439 for a 120/70-17 front tyre. At the back, pricing starts at RM549 for a 180/55-17, with the 190/50-17 and 190/55-17 costing RM627 and RM643 respectively, these being the most popular rear tyre sizes for performance oriented motorcycles.

Going up the performance ladder, the Power Cup 2 is designed for the track day enthusiast with a dedicated sports bike. Meant for 90% track duties with occasional road use, the Power Cup 2 is essentially a road-legal track tyre.

Sizing choices for the Power Cup 2 are 120/70-17 for the front, at RM471. For the rear tyre, there are three choices – 180/55-17 at RM565, 190/55-17 at RM643 and 200/55-17 at RM659.

At the top of Michelin’s Power motorcycle tyre range is the Power Slick 2, a dedicated track-only tyre designed for fast riding. Fast warm up time is a key feature of the Power Slick 2, with both the Power Cup 2 and Power Slick 2 shown to improve lap times and offer better tyre life during testing.

For the front, the Power Slick 2 retails at RM518 for a 120/70-17 tyre. There are only two choices for the rear tyre, a 190/55-17 at RM675 and 200/55-17 at RM706.

All four of Michelin’s Power motorcycle tyres share technology taken from the race track translated to the road, with dual-compound treads, ACT+ tyre architecture as well as tread designs derived from computer modelling. Also featured is Michelin’s ‘Premium Touch Technology’ giving the Power range of tyres aesthetic contrast and a velvet effect in shades of black.

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