Rins hits Marquez, says MotoGP champion has … |

SUZUKI factory rider Alex Rins blew up the five-time MotoGP World Championship due to the lack of respect he shows other MotoGP riders after the couple suffered a blow while qualifying for the Czech MotoGP in Brno.

Marquez and Rins appeared in the early stages of the wet session and seemed to twist as they moved to find support. This misunderstanding led to the two establishing contact and using hand gestures to use the international language of the WTF.

The Fracas weren’t quite over, however, when Marquez and Rins drove almost side by side into the pit lane and had a bottleneck. While Rins clearly expected Marquez to give in, the Honda rider expected Rins to switch … neither happened.

Instead, Marquez gave Rins a nudge to let him know he was there. The Texas MotoGP race winner wiped it off but left just enough room for his compatriot to get through and not jump over the barrier.

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If you’re lucky enough to have a subscription to MotoGP.com, you can watch the Rough and Tumble in HD glory here. Alternatively, if you can ignore the creepy soundtrack above or choose to mute it, see below.


“He has no respect for the other drivers …”

When asked about the exchange, Rins – who qualified sixth – did not hold back, criticizing Marquez for an attitude that he believed had been carried by the top of the sport for so long.

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“It’s a tricky thing because safe [Marc] is now one step ahead of everyone. He put on the slick tires and was super fast. But I think he has no respect for the other drivers. He’s riding his way, “Rins is quoted from our sister publication Crash.net.

“I’ll explain to you what happened: In corner 5 he walked a little way and behind him were Miller and I. When he walked far he looked back and saw Jack and me. Jack walked past him, but then he left back on the line and he genuinely bothered me. I pushed. I wasn’t super fast, but I pushed.

“So I tried to make my line at the next left corner. He opened the door a little and I’m going in. I touched him, but I think it’s his fault; if he’s going slowly he has to Open the door and that’s it.

“But anyway, he braked super hard in the last corner to overtake me [back]. Then when we got into the box, I was in front of him and I’m going straight ahead and he has no place to walk by my side. If I were him I would cut the gas off …

“Marc loves to play this game and try to get other riders into their heads. But in my case I’m really calm. I’m just telling the truth and that’s it.

When asked if he thought he had to try to get Marquez into his head, Rins replied, “No, I don’t think so … If I fight him for the World Cup, I’m sure I’ll try to do something, but he’s 80 points ahead of me – maybe he’s scared, I don’t know! “

“I don’t know if it was intended [to almost run me into the wall]… “- Marc Marquez

Marquez was later also asked about the incident, initially downplaying it, saying:

“I ran a long way at Turn 5 and Jack overtook me because I checked and only saw him. So that’s why I tried to follow Jack because I know he has a good pace. Then I went a little too far and there was a small room, but enough and [Rins] met me … “

“The funny thing was when we walked into the pit and the tire wall was there [in front of me] and I had no place [to get through] I don’t know if that was intentional or not, but it didn’t matter to me. “

However, when – in the style of a real school playground – he was briefed by a journalist of Rin’s ‘no-respect’ jibe, it drew a rather embarrassed – perhaps injured – recoil on his seat before Marquez put his playing face back on to respond . “Of course I don’t agree, it’s his opinion. I don’t waste time on such things. “

Well, at least Marc still has his brother Alex to hang out with …