MotoGP, Rins: “I’m second in the world championship with my 90s unicorn style.”

Alex Rins. He again! From this point on, the Spaniard is no longer a surprise. He’s even Marc Marquez’s direct rival in the race for the title. The numbers say it all and Suzuki’s driver from Spain is only one point away from his compatriot. He may not have won in Jerez, but he did manage to take home a valuable second place.

“I am very happy with this result,” Rins began. “It was difficult to get a second place here at Jerez, which started so far back on the grid. I have to say that in the race I fought to overtake the Ducati because of its acceleration. Besides that, I always did during the race 100% given. ” Weekend. But I feel like I have great confidence in the race and I felt like I could push harder today to overtake some positions and win, and that’s exactly what happened. “

Rins then talks about the Grand Prix.

“The pace was good and I knew that from the start,” he said. “The fact is that Jerez is a narrow track and I lost a lot of time overtaking. Of course it’s great to be just one point away from Marc in the championship. In winter we already knew we had a strong bike ready to go We have a lot of races ahead of us. It won’t be easy, but I’ll do everything I can to always do my best. “

One of the eye-catching aspects of Rins is his style on the bike.

“”True. I may resemble a driver from the 80s and 90s. When braking, I am always straight with my body. It is my quality. We can say unicorn style. ”

The attention then shifts to the tires.

“It was more difficult than usual in the race because we decided to put a softer compound on the front compared to the other drivers. In fact, I was very close in the last five laps, especially when braking. Instead, I did.” I have to say that I did not experience any problems with the rear wear and tear. “

About the fight with Ducati.

“At first I had to deal with Petrucci, then I had a lot of trouble overtaking Dovi. It is true that the Suzuki does well in corners, but the Ducati can rely on both hard braking and acceleration.”

With its second place finish at Jerez, this Suzuki has everything it needs to be a leader.

“During the tests, I realized that I had a very competitive bike,” he recalled. “There is certainly still a lot to do to improve, but I am deeply impressed by what I have done with the team and the value that the bike expresses. We’re second in the championship, a great position, but as I said, there are still a lot of races where you will have to give 100% until the end. “

The world championship is one of the issues that the Suzuki driver has been pushed for.

“”To tell the truth, I don’t think about it. I’m 23 and have a lot of races ahead of me. My only goal is to validate the great work we do. Unfortunately, we also lagged behind in qualifying here in Jerez and this is an aspect that needs to be clarified for the next races as it is certainly better to start ahead. “

Tomorrow you’ll be on your bike again.

“We have to improve the braking because the bike is not yet completely stable. This is exactly why we will try a spoiler in view of the test day here in Jerez.”

Audio recorded by Paolo Scalera