MotoGP Portimao: Vinales “particularly concerned” with the return of old grip problems

04/19/2021 |

Image: GeeBee Images

Maverick Vinales has expressed deep concern about the seeming return of the old grip problems that have plagued him since joining Yamaha’s MotoGP team.

The winner of the race in Qatar was only able to finish 11th in yesterday’s Portimao race and inherited this after a number of drivers retired to the back of the field on lap one after a retirement.

“Today was a difficult, difficult race. I can’t explain why, the feeling was very similar all weekend, very little grip, only I had good grip on the last tire in qualifying, which made a big difference, ”said Vinales on the track.

“If you haven’t canceled my lap, it should be on pole position. Basically we had problems all weekend, we couldn’t figure out why.

“But it’s time to review, it’s time to see and improve, because on the other hand we’ll be in the same edition as every year.

“We start to win everything and then gradually slow down. That is not a positive. I’m particularly concerned because it’s a difficult season to drive like this.

“It’s difficult to keep the focus and especially the motivation when you see that you can win the first two races. Then you get to the next track and fight to get into the top 10.

“Fortunately, some drivers crashed and allowed us to do something better.”