MotoGP: Vinales should start the remaining races from the pit lane

Yamaha was forced to exceed Vinales’ allotment of five engines for the season this weekend in Valencia amid concerns about the durability of its worn-out remaining engines.

As a result, Vinales will have to start the race from the pit lane on Sunday, but not for the GPs in Valencia and Portugal, as long as he doesn’t unseal another engine.

This follows from the FIM decision on Thursday, according to which Yamaha used illegal engines at the Spanish GP and docked 50 designer points for the manufacturer – although none were withdrawn from the drivers.

Rins – who was sixth fastest in Valencia on Friday – criticized the FIM’s decision to protect the drivers and said: “In the end, the stewards make so many bad decisions that they have to be accepted.

“Nothing will change for many fines and for many complaints from drivers.

“I like to win on the track, not off the track. That will motivate me to have more strength for the competition. If we win, we will win with more earnings.”

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The Suzuki driver added that there are “more injustices” that are not talked about, like Vinales being able to run a new engine and only pay one fine while the rest keep using his worn-out units must, just because the manufacturer had fewer problems.

“Put this problem aside [the penalty for Yamaha]There are also more injustices that are not seen or asked about, “added Rins, who is an external title bet 32 ​​points ahead.

“For example, Maverick, who uses a new engine and only has to start from the pit lane in this race, will benefit in other races.” [races because he] has an engine with fewer kilometers [on it], and that is not talked about.

“I have already said that there are so many injustices that are not talked about. You have to stick to them and fight.

“If he opens a new engine in Valencia 1 and continues on with that engine [races]Obviously, he has an advantage.

“So what makes sense is that every time he uses this new engine he starts out of the pit lane. But the rules are [not] made like this. “