MotoGP, Brivio leaves Suzuki and MotoGP to join Alonso in Formula 1

The victory of Joan Mir and Suzuki in the 2020 World Championship was certainly a real surprise for the entire motor world. Under the The creator of this authentic masterpiece was certainly Davide Brivio who, in his role as team manager, has managed in recent years to develop the Suzuki MotoGP project from scratch and lead it to current success.

The Formula 1 paddock Brivio is also likely to have noticed the key role in this success, as the Italian manager comes very close to an agreement with Renault to become part of the new one due to various indiscretions from colleagues on four wheels (mainly from Alpine F1 Project. Brivio should indeed take the place of Ciryl Abiteboulwho is responsible for Formula 1 operations, appointed CEOMarcin Budkowski (currently Executive Director of the Renault team) becomes team boss. Instead, Abiteboul should take on a more effective role in Alpine’s new organization.

Renault’s call to Davide Brivio was likely from Luca de Meo, CEO of the French company since July 2020 and former Marketing Director of FIAT, as well as the lead author of the project that led the Italian company to sponsor Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards’s Yamaha MotoGP since 2007. Davide Brivio was team manager at the time.

When Brivio finally arrives, he has since had to take on an already well-established position in the circus The team took 5th place in the overall rankingMcLaren, who installed Renault engines last season, took third place behind Mercedes and Red Bull with three podium places.

Fernando Alonso – two-time champion in F1 and ready for a great return to the top four-wheel drive championship after being gone for two years – will also wait for his arrival. Fernando actually left McLaren at the end of 2018, but now he’s ready to get back on track by marrying the alpine cause. Remember, he won his two titles with Renault in 2005 and 2006. Estaban Ocon will drive alongside the Spanish champion.