Morbidelli is “aware” of the interest of the competing MotoGP manufacturers

The runner-up in MotoGP 2020 has signed a two-year contract with SRT that runs until the end of 2022. However, SRT has yet to confirm its future plans for this season.

Yamaha have teamed up with Valentino Rossi’s new VR46 team from 2022, despite rumors that a deal between VR46 and Ducati is imminent.

After a difficult start to 2021, Morbidelli has not hidden his dissatisfaction with Yamaha over his own technical situation as he was forced to continue the 2019 A1-M1 despite ending up with three wins in 2020 as a comfortable Yamaha’s top rider.

Even so, Morbidelli hopes SRTs and his relationship with Yamaha will continue beyond 2021 – but is aware of interest in him from outside his current environment.

“I like Yamaha and I want to keep my relationship with them,” said Morbidelli.

“When I am supported with an updated machine, my love for Yamaha grows even greater.

“Nothing is clear yet, as we have to wait a little longer for some confirmations, such as the relationship between Yamaha and my team.

“This is already a big deal that needs to be confirmed for me to understand what I want from Yamaha.

“First of all, I need to understand whether Yamaha will continue with my team.

“This is a big obstacle for me to ask questions of Yamaha.

“I haven’t spoken to anyone personally who is not my team.

“But I am aware that other factories are interested in me, I am aware of that.

“But I haven’t spoken to anyone personally.”

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After his Spanish Grand Prix podium, Morbidelli admitted that he had open discussions with Yamaha boss Lin Jarvis about his current technical situation.

Jarvis previously stated that Morbidelli earned factory machines, but it just wasn’t possible for 2021 when the decision was made on bike specs for Yamaha’s riders last season.

Morbidelli is currently 47 points behind championship leader Fabio Quartararo on the factory Yamaha after crashing at the French GP last week and will only recover after returning from 16th to 16th place.