Fabio Quartararo suffers a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of the Catalonia GP

In a strange occurrence, French rider Fabio Quartararo had a rare non-mechanical breakdown on the track at the recently concluded 2021 Catalonia Grand Prix. Quartararo is currently leading 115 points in the MotoGP rankings 2021 from three wins and four podiums this season. To extend his lead with a win in Spain, the Yamaha racer had a couple of penalties and a couple of unfortunate mistakes that cost him the chance to take home his fourth title of the year.

MotoGP 2021: Fabio Quartararo cloakroom disorder at the GP of Catalonia

A wardrobe malfunction may not be something that is commonly associated with motorsport, but it is exactly what happened to French driver Fabio Quartararo at the 2021 Catalan Grand Prix. Quartararo made a huge mistake when violating FIM MotoGP regulations regarding Section Rider Safety Equipment which states that “[rider’s safety] Equipment must be properly attached and worn at all times during activity on the course “.

An evaluation of the race after the game showed that Quartararo had ridden at a certain point in time without his mandatory chest protection and with the racing leather open. Video footage of the race showed that the Frenchman in the 21st accident. While he crossed the finish line in third place, the penalties imposed on him pushed him to 6th place while KTM’s Miguel Oliveira won the race.

The number of penalties for Fabio Quartararo was two as Quartararo received a penalty on lap 22 for exceeding the track limit and later another three-second penalty for his cloakroom disruption. After his race, Quartararo said he thought his first penalty was excessive and that his second should have resulted in a black flag instead of a penalty. “I think when I look back on what happened … It’s hard to admit, but it was a black flag for me. It’s true that I put myself in danger, and with what happened last week, that would have been the right thing to do. ”He said.

“The only punishment I disagree with is the abbreviation because I don’t think that’s fair. I lost seven tenths but if I lost a second the penalty was gone I lost seven tenths and not a second? So that was a little stupid. But I admit the second penalty [leathers]. I was angry, of course, but I mean better than zero points, “added Quartararo.

Photo credit: Fabio Quartararo Twitter