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RBR race 1 results

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David Muñoz wins sensational rookies race 1 in Jerez

A typically fabulous and intense Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup race in Jerez brought David Muñoz victory over Iván Ortolá and Diogo Moreira. Daniel Holgado had been in the lead for most of the time, but had gone too far in the crucial final corner and Cup leader David Alonso crossed the finish line in sixth, but was demoted on the final lap for exceeding the track limit.

It was a ten-man battle for the lead on the KTM RC250 Rs, which intensified during the shortened 10-lap race after a red flag due to technical problems with the starting equipment.

Holgado was in top form and despite the enormous pressure and multiple overtaking maneuvers, the 16-year-old Spaniard seemed to have the answers when 14-year-old compatriots David Muñoz and 16-year-old Ortolá snapped after him. 17-year-old Brazilian Moreira was just as determined, while 15-year-old Colombian Alonso seemed content to be in a good top 6 position only in the last few rounds, ready for a game.

As always in Jerez, it went to the last corner and the ten drivers all pushed for the lead, with David Muñoz doing the best job and Holgado climbing from 1st to 4th place.

David Muñoz focused on winning

“I’m very happy about this race and the victory, Jerez is my home race. I’m ready to try the same thing again tomorrow, I know it will be very difficult again, but I’m very focused. “

“Today it was a very tough and difficult race, everyone put so much pressure on, but I thought I could win it. The bike was great, very happy with it and nothing needs to be changed for tomorrow. “

Ivan Ortolá with a good strategy

“The race was great fun and it was very tough at the same time. In the first part of the race I was at the very back of the group and was looking for a strategy for the final laps. In the last two or three laps I managed to take the lead in the group, and finally I braked very, very hard in the last corner and went inside to second place. “

“I’m very happy because I suffered a little in Portimão and now it was easier for me to be in the leading group on this track.”

“I have a good feeling for tomorrow, but in two corners we have to improve a bit, I have a bit of movement from the front, so we’ll look at the setting and see if we can improve, but also if we can’t change The bike is very good. “

Diogo Moreira cannot escape

“I’m very happy, my second rookies podium, I enjoyed the fight, another driver touched me on the last lap, but that’s the race. I tried to tear myself away, but it was impossible. Tomorrow is another day and another race. I’ll try again and see if I can win. “

Daniel Holgado graciously

“It was a difficult race, but I’m happy for my race and my rhythm, I drove good pace every lap. We have another chance to win tomorrow. David was very good in the last corner, congratulations to him. “