Honda RCV 1000 MotoGP Replica announced for EICMA 2013 to be unveiled

Ever since Honda President Takanobu Ito declared that development of a new RC213V-inspired super sport was underway, the motorcycle has largely remained a mystery. Aside from a few patent drawings surfacing on the internet, Honda was completely silent across the bike.

The Italian online magazine reports in its article, which seems to be inside information, about the Honda RCV 1000 MotoGP Replica, which is to be unveiled at EICMA 2013. In fact, it is even said that Honda collectors were invited to Japan for a private unveiling of the motorcycle long before the curtains were raised at EICMA.

Honda RCV 1000 MotoGP replica engine

As can be seen from the patent drawings (via and the engine configuration that powers HRC’s MotoGP motorcycle, the RCV 1000 would most likely maintain a V4 configuration that is said to produce over 200 horsepower while running on the latest State-of-the-art equipment is -art electronics package, back on the lines of Honda’s MotoGP company.

Honda RCV 1000 MotoGP replica

Insella also reports that the image (which looks more like a rendering) was published by Honda itself and ascribes the drawing to one of its designers. To make it look more like the Honda RC213V currently driven by Pedrosa and Marquez at the MotoGP World Championships, a set of two mini LED lights from the Honda RCV 1000 have been scaled down and placed in the vents.

Replicating high-end MotoGP technologies on a street-legal motorcycle won’t come cheap. The prices for the Honda RCV 1000 MotoGP replica motorcycle are rumored to be on the order of € 100,000 (nearly a whopping 85 INR lacs when converted), dwarfing the Ducati Desmosedici RR at $ 72,500. It can therefore be assumed that the RCV 1000 adorns a collector’s garage rather than rubbing shoes on asphalt.

And while the bike is said to be showing up at EICMA 2013, the final product won’t be ready until 2015. But we would still wait for Honda to reveal its tickets in Milan.