MotoGP, Lorenzo criticizes the media for taking opinions out of context and damaging his image

Jorge Lorenzo is tired of seeing his explanations in his “99Seconds” -VLOG taken out of context and today he decided to let off steam.

“Before I start the program, I would like to reflect on it. Recently, several media outlets have completely thrown my opinion on riders like Rossi or the Marquez brothers out of context. I have always respected and rated the importance of sports media positively because I believe they are the link between sport and fans, with vital importance. What I don’t respect or rather hate are headlines taken out of context because they damage my image and, above all, my relationship with the other drivers. I understand that impact and views are important to any digital medium, but it can’t be at any cost, especially if you’re damaging the athlete’s image by taking something out of context. Sorry, but I can’t ignore it. “

The thing is, Porfuera is right, and finally someone has decided to point a finger at the continuous copy-paste of the web through those media (?) That follow motorcycling only through press releases, without ever appearing at a racetrack. Not today, when access is restricted due to the pandemic, but always.

It is far too easy to pose as journalists that way. We appreciate Jorge’s outburst, but we fear his voice will scream in the desert.