MotoGP, Lorenzo wants Rossi to make one last try on the Ducaticat

Five hundred and eighty-one days after his last victory – in Valencia 2019 – Marc Marquez is back on top of the podium at the German GP at the Sachsenring. That is why Jorge Lorenzo spoke of the success of his compatriot and former teammate in his VLOG ’99 Seconds’.

“Marc is back, the best is back. I want to tell you so clearly. In my opinion he is the holder of this race because whether Quartararo continues to lead the world championship, whether young riders like Quartararo or Mir arrive, Márquez is still the best technically, he will continue to be the best physically because he is a beast and always wants to win. He’s more ambitious than anyone else. And if he really recovers 100% I think he will return, not to win all the races, but he will be very strong as before. “

Lorenzo: “Marquez is the best regardless of the young drivers who arrive”

Jorge also realized that eleven wins in a row on the same track in three different categories is something fantastic.

“They call him the King of the Ring. Eleven wins in a row, there has to be an explanation, a reason. Left turn, tight and busy in the first two sections where Honda does well. The start is crucial and Marc was a rocket and the rain. Oliveira made up many meters in the final laps, it was too late and Marc had enough control over the race. “

Jorge’s Portuguese will be one of the contenders for the title.

Lorenzo: “Oliveira has been patient and will fight for victories with Quartararo and Marquez”

“Oliveira is the fittest rider on the grid today, second in Mugello, first in Montmelò and second here again. He, Márquez and Quartararo are the three riders who share the victories, with the exception of a Ducati on a circuit. In the case of Oliveira, talent prevailed and with patience he found his place at KTM and started to get the results he deserves. Well done for him and he has to keep going like this. “

Lorenzo then talked about Quartararo and Aleix Espargarò.

Fabio Quartararo it’s great too. Those were very valuable points and he is still leading. He was a bit hesitant in the first corner, but in the end he took a great third place. Alex Espargarò, a good season for him, he’s doing better than ever. This is the first time he’s in the front row. He got off to a fantastic start and didn’t get the chance to fight for the podium, but he’s getting closer and closer. “

Then Jorge commented – without a filter – on the two big losers of the Sachsenring.

Lorenzo: “Vinales: if you’re not in a good mood, go from win to loss in MotoGP”

“Morbidelli and Viñales were the disappointments of this race. This is MotoGP and if you miss something, maybe a track that you are not good at, you cannot find the ideal set-up, you are not in a good mood, you are not high Self-esteem, you can go from the winner to the last race like it happened to Viñales. He is going through the worst phase of his career. It’s difficult to judge what’s going on in that box. Maverick may have been the driver who changed most of the technicians in the past few years, But it has been shown that the rider is the most important thing. Of course the bike is important, but then you have to look at the rider. The problem with Viñales is in his head and there are many factors such as motivation, conviction, security. It’s the way you face problems, how you are positive and always see the glass as half full and not half empty. In short, I think that’s the real problem with Maverick, but that’s just my opinion. “

Lorenzo: “It would be an important incentive for Valentino to drive his final season with Ducati”

After discussing his former brothers in arms, Jorge turned to Valentino Rossi and expressed two conflicting opinions: the first is that Vale will retire at the end of the season; the second, that he might do well to take up the Ducati challenge in the team he himself created with VR46.

“At 42 he is suffering a lot this year. He is currently 19th with only 17 points. MeIt is very difficult to predict what will happen. He makes me feel and if I had to bet that Valentino is very likely to give up this season. But honestly I would love to see him as a last try on this Ducati, a motorcycle that would be an important stimulus for him. Perhaps it could make him feel better than he has seen with Yamaha over the years. I think this will be his final season but maybe I’m wrong. “