Honda enables riders to customize motorcycles – Lucio Cecchinello

Source: LCR Honda / Facebook

After discussing the direction of development of the Honda RC213V over the past few years, Lucio Cecchinello now stated that within a certain range of options, riders have the opportunity to make changes to the motorcycle depending on what they see as their need.

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The LCR team leader spoke to Speedweek about this possibility: “Honda engineers are now allowing our MotoGP riders to customize their bikes to suit their needs. This adjustment is very important. That’s why you sometimes see different aerodynamics with the four drivers on the same weekend. They’re from 2021, but they’re Step One or Step Two ‘.

The changes don’t stop there though: “Some drivers occasionally use the rear spoiler called the ‘spoon’ while others don’t. There are different chassis preferences, and the last few years can also be seen. Honda enables this adaptation to the pilots. ‘


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