Quartararo doesn’t want to think about MotoGP title in 2021

Quartararo drove to his fifth win of the 2021 season in the British GP over 20 laps to expand his championship advantage to well over two wins with (for the time being) six remaining laps of the campaign.

Next title rival and defending champion Joan Mir also admitted after a disappointing ninth place finish at Silverstone after problems with the front tires that the 2021 crown is now out of reach.

When asked if his win at Silverstone was the most important of his five this year, Quartararo said that of course it will have an impact on his championship hopes – but he doesn’t want to think about the title in the next races as he enjoys it to fight for victory too much.

“Yes, but I’m not really focusing on the championship,” said Quartararo when asked about his Silverstone victory as part of his World Cup hopes.

“But when you look you begin [the British GP] 47 points ahead and 65, that’s of course the most important thing.

“But yes, I have the feeling that before the start of this race I told myself that at least until after Misano I shouldn’t think about the championship.

“And actually I think that at the moment I don’t want to think anymore because I enjoy it and I feel good on the bike.

“So I go to the next one like it was the first and I enjoy it. So, I’m super happy. “

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Quartararo could potentially finish third in the remaining six races and win the championship, but insists that fact won’t affect his approach – though he admits his table advantage gives him the ability to be more conservative in races if necessary.

“I’m not going to change my approach because I have so much fun fighting for victories,” added Quartararo.

“Then championship is something that comes when you get these results.

“Of course, when I have the feeling in a race that it is not possible [the victory] I won’t make a stupid mistake.

“So my approach is still the same, but of course I know that I have a little more leeway.

“But my approach will be to get out on the track and see our potential, and when we have the opportunity we will fight for victory and the podium.”