Moto3, Simoncelli after Millan’s tragedy: “two races with fewer participants”

Paolo Simoncelli was not immune to the tragedy that hit CEV last Sunday when Hugo Millan lost his life in the race for the European Talent Cup in Aragon. The dynamic is notorious: the Spaniard was hit by another motorcycle, just like Jason Dupasquier in Mugello. Simoncelli, who is competing in the Spanish championship with his SIC58 team, wonders if there is any way to further avoid these risks on the track.

We drive on routes with large exit areas and hundreds of precautions, with medical stations scattered around. But even today, the most classic accident in which your teammates beat you (which happened to Hugo Millan on Sunday), you cannot avoid“He wrote in his team’s press release. “So maybe it is time to pause for a moment and ask ourselves what we can do and what we need to improve so that nothing is left to chance.

Paolo has a suggestion.

“The ETC category has an exaggerated fan base in Spain. Each appointment has a large number of members, they make qualifications to form the starting grid. One idea could be to run at least two races to reduce the number of participants. We should consider an alternative in order not to wonder one day in jubilation about a saved life whether we could have come to this solution sooner,” he concluded.