The Binder brothers are back at home in SA and ready for a strenuous mountain bike race in KZN

Darryn (left) and Brad Binder

Maryann Shaw Communications

Brad and Darryn Binder are back home in South Africa.

The Binder brothers will take part in a mountain bike event at the beginning of December 2020.

Brad Binder was named “Rookie of the Year” 2020 in his first MotoGP season.

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Brad and Darryn Binder, South Africa’s motorcycle racing sensations, recently came home after a successful MotoGP and Moto3 season, respectively. The Krugersdorp brothers are traveling to KwaZulu-Natal this week to take part in the three-day KAP sani2c mountain bike stage race from Underberg to Scottburgh.

The largest three-day mountain bike stage race in the world is to take place on a much smaller scale this year in order to comply with Covid-19 regulations, with two instead of three versions of the event. The adventure runs from 2-4. December and the race, in which the elite marathon mountain bikers from SA compete against each other, takes place from 3rd to 5th December. December. sani2c usually takes place in May but was postponed in March just before the lockdown was announced.

Brad and Darryn will ride the adventure known as the more laid-back and less competitive sani2c and look forward to three fun days on the bike with friends at the end of the season.

Brad Binder, Red Bull, KTM, Motogp

Brad Binder

Always planned

Brad says, “sani2c is something I’ve always planned. I was very lucky to be able to get home a week earlier than originally planned and I’ll do it with some buddies. It’s the first time I’ve had one Stage am racing on a mountain bike or any other bike in general so it should be super cool.

“We bike a lot to train for the MotoGP bike. We live in Spain during the season, so we do a lot of racing bikes there and not a lot of mountain bikes. But when I come to South Africa, I’m just mountain biking. I’m very happy on it and it should be a lot of fun. I’m sure it will be a challenge. “

A stage race is also a premiere for Darryn: “I’ve always wanted to try a mountain bike stage race, I’ve never done anything like it. I’m super excited and really looking forward to it. I ride my bike a lot for training, but this will be the first time that I have covered quite large kilometers for three days in a row. “

Darryn Binder, motogp, moto3

Darryn Binder

A good season

When asked how he feels about his 2020 season, Darryn says, “I had a really good season this year. I managed to finish eighth in the championship and take my first win of the year. I am very happy with how things have gone and I “am delighted to be back in South Africa. It’s been quite a long trip out of the country and it’s great to be with family and friends again and look forward to a great vacation. ”

Brad was named Rookie of the Year after a mixed season: “My season this year has been up and down. I’ve had some really good days and some really bad days. I think that’s expected in my rookie year.

“I’m very happy to be back in South Africa. It’s going to be a great off-season. I’m just trying to have fun and have fun and do different things. Hopefully I’ll be in good shape by February.” and ready for a new season. “