MotoGP, Dovizioso believes instinctively riding the Yamaha doesn’t work

Nobody more than Andrea Dovizioso needed two days of testing. The rider from Forl had agreed to make his dark debut on the Yamaha of the Petronas team at the Misano GP and didn’t have much time to get to know the M1 on a race weekend. At the end of the test, he was satisfied.

“Those were two very important and positive days, where I could cover a lot of kilometers – he explained – I tried different setups and parts, it was important for me to understand the bike and its reaction, and in the end it was… went very good. Lap after lap, and especially today after Quartararo, I realized that I had to redesign all of my lanes, I had to change my approach to every route. Good to know because this way you know where to work and it will take time. R.instinctively identifying the Yamaha does not work, Fortunately, I still have 4 races and more tests this year. “

At the moment Dovi knows that he has to work more on himself than on the bike.

“I have to adapt and I manage – he continued – I’m still behind, but no longer and can keep an acceptable pace. The aim was to have the speed of the group and then work on the details ”.

It is a process that will take time and from which no conclusions can be drawn yet.

“We’ll see some aspects later – he noted – it’s hard to explain, but Being out of action for 10 months counts a lot when you’re pushing your limits when it comes to certain achievements. If you are a MotoGP rider, by lapping you will acquire certain things that you no longer notice. It’s true that I’ve done some tests with Aprilia, but everything is different at a Grand Prix. So my goal was to join the group, not the fastest, I made it and that wasn’t necessarily the case on a bike that I didn’t know and that has to be ridden differently than the Ducati. “

However, the Yamaha is considered to be the easiest to ride …

“I’ll understand that later – said Dovi – What made it possible for me this weekend is a lot of stuff and I have good feelings about the chassis, but it’s only part of the overall package. To understand boundaries, I have to go faster than I do now.

The next race is in Austin, expectations?

“It’s all new to me, I have to work in many areas and I really don’t know what to expect – Andrea replied – It’s a very demanding track, with lots of bumps and it gets hot. I think its design is good for the Yamaha, but I don’t have the experience to know for sure. “