MotoGP, Lorenzo: “Thanks to my Hitler-like father, I liked winning more than riding a motorcycle”

Jorge Lorenzo always said what he thought without a filter. Now that he is no longer a rider, he has not lost this quality and has let everything out in the interview with Antenna 3. An interview in which he talked about his career and, above all, his feelings.

I’m happier now than when I was racing because I’m a perfectionist and when I do something, I do it with a zillion percent. I would spend all day thinking about how to improve.,” he explained.

The Mallorca rider never agreed with Pierre di Coubertin, who argued that it was important to participate and not win.

I’ve always been competitive. I would rather win than ride a motorcycle, “he stated.” Riding a motorcycle was the means to victory. “

A really important person in his life, as well as in his career, was his father Chicho, who put him on a motorcycle at the age of three and was his teacher.

My father was like a sergeant, a kind of Hitler“, Jorge remembered with a smile. “He taught me a lot of sporting values, discipline that everything can be achieved with work. You have to be selfish because exercise leads to that. The important thing is to separate things when the race is over. “

Lorenzo also spoke about his final season in 2019 when he joined Honda with Marquez.

“People talked about the dream team. Marc and I were the drivers who have won the most in the last ten years, but I started the season injured. I broke my scaphoid bone in winter and then a rib in the first race. I haven’t adjusted to the bike and haven’t seen any results, ”he said. “I had another year contract with Honda, but I couldn’t go on. I had won races by a twenty-two lead while in Australia in 2019 I finished ten seconds ahead of the penultimate. I went from best to worst. After my most recent vertebral injury and twenty-eight years of victimization, I decided to enjoy life for a while.

Finally, he talked about fatherhood, with only one certainty: “If I had a child, I would do anything to prevent them from becoming a rider. “