MotoGP, Taramasso (Michelin): “The weather in Mugello can be a challenge”

Mugello is the next track that MotoGP riders will have to tackle and with them the Michelin tires too. The Italian course is 5,245 meters long, with 9 right and 6 left turns and of course a very long 1,141 meter straight. It’s a very fast and complex track on which the tires have to withstand heavy acceleration and braking, not to mention the necessary grip on the opposite slope.

According to regulation, Michelin technicians will provide drivers with all three classic compounds (soft, medium and hard): all asymmetrical rear tires (with a harder right side) and all symmetrical front tires. It can rain on weekends. When the track is wet, rain tires will be available in soft and medium compounds for both the front (symmetrical) and rear axles (asymmetrical).

As always, Michelin manager Piero Taramasso takes stock before the weekend begins: “It’s been two years since we last drove here in Mugello, so it’s nice to be back after what seems like a long time. The weather can be challenging at this time of year, with cool temperatures in the morning and temperatures that can get very hot in the afternoon. Also, it’s a tough track for tires and drivers due to a combination of very high speeds, difficult braking areas and back-slope turns, but I’m confident that our slick and rain tires will be able to handle any track and any weather conditions they will encounter in 2021.