Fabio Quartararo’s chances of becoming a champion at Misano

Fabio Quartararo has his first match point on the next lap at Misano, where the # 20 could be crowned champion, joining the select group of 15 riders who have triumphed in MotoGP without ever doing so in the lower categories. The Yamaha rider took the lead in his home race at Le Mans and has been at the top of the overall standings ever since.

The title is currently being played between Quartararo and Francesco Bagnaia as Joan Mir, third overall, is 79 points behind the Frenchman if there are 75 points to be gained in the next three races. There are 52 points between the two most consistent drivers of the year, which could be decisive for the next Grand Prix.

Quartararo becomes a master if he:

He wins or ends before Bagnaia;
Fifth place and the Italian does not cross the finish line in the top three.
If Bagnaia is fourth, the two drivers are tied and Quartararo is considered a champion as he has more wins;
Finish sixth or seventh while Bagnaia is no higher than fifth;
Place between eighth and 15th, while # 63 is no more than two places ahead of the French;
Bagnaia will not be higher than 14th if Quartararo does not score for the first time this year.