Joan Mir says he can’t get close to Fabio Quartararo so he’s the perfect heir to the MotoGP title

Joan Mir says Fabio Quartararo is the perfect heir to that MotoGP crown … because he can’t get to him on the track.

The young Quartararo is expected to win his first world title at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix on Sunday in Misano.

Such is Quartararo’s dominance this season, Mir’s title defense was as good as over before it even started – because he was too fast to compete with him.

I said: “We didn’t fight too much during the races. At the end of the races I came up to him, but he was too far ahead.

“I couldn’t fight Fabio face to face this year.

Quartararo is too quick to compete with him, say those who compete with him on the track

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“He’s done a great job, he’s been trained well and he’s always in that top position. He’s clearly a deserved champion.”

I haven’t won a race this season, but his five podiums keep him chasing second place in the championship.

But first he had to beat Pecco Bagnaia, another young MotoGP sensation that caused a sensation in the senior class.

The top three of the championship have an average age of just 23 and with Valentino Rossi retiring, Marc Marquez battling and big changes underway, I believe the senior class of motorcycle racing is going through a revolution.

“I don’t know if we are fighting to be the next superstar, but we are a new generation of young people. We are the top drivers now,” said Mir.

“It is important to always be at the top level now. The other guys are young too and fight for the same things as you.

Will Joan Mir and Fabio Quartararo be the dominant rivalry in MotoGP for the next decade? Let us know in the comments section.

Joan Mir in action during the last practice session in Misano this weekend

Joan Mir in action during the last practice session in Misano this weekend

“Most riders and veterans have achieved whatever they want. The young riders are starting to take their places.”

Despite the advent of the new generation, an eye will remain on Marquez for the next season as he tries to recover from the upper body injuries that left him out of the 2020 season.

Many expected the six-time premier league champions to be at their best again this season, but Mir insists the country’s situation is different now.

He said: “Everything is much closer, much smoother and I think he expected it to be easier. Now it’s different. But Marc is a top driver and next year he will be one of the competitors, I’m sure of that. “

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