MotoGP, Michelin: a new casing to speed up the tire warm-up time

In the Misano tests, we saw an early anticipation of 2022 on a number of motorcycles, but Michelin is also working for the future. A new rear tire was made available to the drivers. “We brought a new casing that we have already tested in Qatar and Barcelona. The aim is to accelerate the warm-up of the tire in the first two or three laps. The overall performance corresponds to the standard performance ”, explains Piero Taramasso, race director of the French manufacturer.

However, the testing is ongoing and it is not yet clear when this new case will be launched in the races.

“The feedback is positive; we are going in the right direction, but we need to do more testing before we understand when we can introduce it – Taramasso continued – It might be a little soon for 2022, because we first have to be sure that all drivers and teams agree. From the point of view of industrialization, however, we will be able to manufacture them very quickly. When that happens, the carcass helps drivers use the hard compound.

There will be another way to collect data …

“We’re going to try again with the Jerez tests because to better understand how it works we need low temperatures and will likely find them there.” he concluded.