“If you want to take a big step like this, the best bike for it is the Yamaha” – Darryn Binder

Darryn Binder will make the leap into MotoGP straight from Moto3 and will defend the colors of WithU Yamaha RNF MotoGP Racing after the end of this season. The team, which will have exactly the same structure as the current Petronas Yamaha SRT, will host Brad Binder’s brother for a season in which Andrea Dovizioso will be one of the elements that will help the South African grow in the category.

In an interview with news24.com, Binder spoke about what it feels like to make this jump without Moto2, considering that the intermediate class has its characteristics and that Yamaha is the best bike to adapt to the very top of motorcycling.

‘I am super happy; It is my lifelong dream to race MotoGP. When the opportunity arose, it was a breeze for me to say yes and take the plunge. I also believe that if you want to take a big step like this, the best bike for this is the Yamaha. It seems to be one of the easier bikes in the MotoGP class at this point and I see that as a big plus. While the traditional route is to race Moto2 first, it can be a tough class to be competitive. The gearbox is different, based on a production motorcycle and from what I’ve heard the tires are very hard and unforgiving. It’s a one-size-fits-all class with lots of good drivers where the little things make a big difference, so it’s a tough environment to make a name for yourself, ”he said.

When asked how his riding style has to adapt to a new bike, Binder shows that he is not worried and guarantees that an entire team will help him with this adaptation process with the right help from Dovizioso:

– I have to see what it is like when I ride my bike for the first time. I will definitely have to adapt my riding style to the bigger bike, but I’m not sure what it takes just yet. It is therefore important to have a good team behind you and a very experienced teammate; they have to guide me and point me in the right direction.

After all, the South African defends that weight will be the aspect of the new bike that will make the biggest difference and that he’ll have to go to the gym to face the next challenges: “I think weight. Yes, it’s stronger and the brakes are better, but weight is a major factor. During the December break, I’ll focus on getting stronger; In Moto3, the bike is so light that you don’t have to be very strong. I didn’t go to the gym as I don’t want to put on any more weight in the Moto3 class, but it will be necessary for the MotoGP bike.