MotoGP Misano II: Rossi “mad at Pecco but will be strong next year”

10/26/2021 |

Image: GeeBee Pictures

Yamaha’s Valentino Rossi said “Ciao” ​​to his Italian fans with a top 10 in his final MotoGP race at the Misano World Circuit on Sunday.

The Petronas driver was pleased with his performance, and even more so with the support and celebrations he received in his honor throughout the weekend, despite the young contender who stole his factory drive and secured the World Championship on Sunday afternoon.

“I’m excited about today,” said Rossi after the excitement subsided. “Mainly because I drove a decent race and the best I can say ‘Ciao’ because I don’t want to do a bad race and stay behind. I try to stay focused and it’s always difficult to start from behind. But I feel good with the bike and with the tires. I know that when it’s dry, my potential is better and I was able to do a few overtaking maneuvers, fight until the last lap and end up in the top 10.

“Is the best way to say ‘Ciao’ to the audience because there is a fantastic atmosphere around the track. Lots of people, lots of fans and the sunny day so I’m happy. It was good and very, very emotional.

“I usually don’t like the surprises,” explained the legendary racing driver, referring to the special paintwork that was seen on the Sky VR46 Moto2 and MotoGP motorcycles on Sunday – including those of his younger brother Luca Marini.

“I want to know everything, but that was a big surprise and I saw it for the first time this morning. I didn’t know, it was a surprise to me and I’m very happy to say thank you to Uccio, my whole team, to Sky, because it was yellow with ‘Grazie Vale’. I like a lot.

“I’m trying to enjoy this whole moment,” he continued. “Because a lot of my good friends say to me: ‘Have fun! Get out there enjoy because Sunday would be great and you deserve this visual hug from all of the fans. I’ve tried but I want to have a good race. I want to try to drive my maximum and get a good result. So I’m very, very happy, especially about that, and it was a great emotion to stop after the flag and it’s a lot of fun. “

Rossi has commented on his concerns about Pecco Bagnaia’s tire choice many times this season, with the Ducati rider himself admitting that he made wrong decisions for both Austria and Silverstone that ultimately ruined his fight for the title. Sunday was Bagnaia’s last chance to keep his dream alive and, in Rossi’s opinion, another bad decision.

“The hard front was too dangerous for me today,” he said simply. “I tried to say Pecco, but in the end they said, and the tough front is like this. Unfortunately, in the last part of the race the temperatures drop and there is less sun, less temperature and the tough front is like that. If the temperature drops below that, the tire will give up and you will fall and will not be able to do anything. So it’s a shame. It’s a shame because Pecco was faster today, he can win at the weekend, he can keep the championship open. In the end it’s a big shame, yes. I drove in the middle front and the middle front was very good.

“I tried to do the same as I did in Aragon. I tried hypnotizing Pecco to say medium, medium, medium, but it doesn’t work this time! “

Considering the other big event of the day – Fabio Quartararo becomes MotoGP World Champion – Rossi was delighted for both the Frenchman and his old team, although he wished he could continue to be part of the Monster Energy roster himself.

“Time goes by and frankly I think it’s the right choice to have Quartararo on the factory team,” he said honestly before continuing, “but maybe not having me on the factory team last year isn’t a very good choice !” he laughed.

“But Quartararo definitely deserves the championship. He always drives very fast. He never makes mistakes. So I think he deserves the championship and I’m really happy for him and also for Yamaha.

“Pecco had a fantastic season, I’m a little mad at him today because I think he can win if he makes the middle front because he was the quicker, but I think so. He had a great chance to keep the championship open and is definitely difficult, but getting Portugal is important, but it is still like that. I think Pecco Franco and also Luca will be very strong next year. “