Moto2, Baldassarri: “On the MV I have to find the victorious Lorenzo again, I know where he is”

Lorenzo Baldassarri needed a change of scenery. After three years with the Pons team, he decided to return home to Forward, with whom he rode from 2015 to 2017. This time, however, he has found a different team and also a new motorcycle, the MV Agusta. It is a legendary emblem that the rider from the Marche proudly wears on his chest and with which he wants to achieve important goals. Lorenzo has to find himself again …

“Today I felt a great emotion, it is an honor for me to drive with such an important brand – he said happily after the unveiling of the new bike in Courmayeur, in the shadow of Mont Blanc – it also coincided with a return to Forward -Team together, which I found has a different face “.

Everyone knows the story of MV Agusta, do you also feel the pressure?

“There is pressure, but it is positive pressure that spurs me on. I always want to do well and with the MV under me I feel an additional boost, we have to convert this pressure into added value.

Last November you were able to test the F2 in Jerez. Was that what you had in mind?

“I had no expectations, I thought it would be a difficult bike and really different from the Kalex. However, once I got into it, as soon as I started pushing, I was able to build that combination between myself and the bike that I thought would take longer. Instead, I felt like it was mine, even if it’s hard to tell in just one day, especially on the wet track. But I ran pretty well, I was able to build confidence after a few laps, even if starting at full throttle isn’t my forte, I usually need time to understand the situation but I’m ready to start.

What has happened to you lately? In 2019 you won three of the first four races, then you got lost …

“I find it difficult to explain myself. I’ve analyzed everything because The most important thing is to learn from mistakes and not find excuses. I had a good season in 2018 and then I amIn 2019 I found a perfect combination between myself and the bike that ruined the introduction of the new rear tire. Then there were a number of things that didn’t help my serenity So I lost myself a bit, I had ups and downs and if you don’t have continuity, you can’t imagine winning a world title. “

You also decided to leave the VR46 Riders Academy …

“I did it because, in my opinion, my trip with them was over. It was time to change and grow, I decided to go my own way ”.

And what happened in 2020?

“It was a great start (2nd place in Qatar, editor’s note). It was a year of ups and downs, so I could have taken advantage of my consistency, but unfortunately this wasn’t the case for several reasons. I talk about the new front tire and some team changes that I thought would help, but they didn’t work. So I went from lightning fast to fast to never fast, not even while warming up “.

How do you react in these moments?

“It’s difficult because at some point you even think about throwing in the towel, but that’s the last thing I think about because I have a great passion for engines and I like to face difficulties. So I always tried to do my best, pulled my head out of the tunnel and made it strong again at the end of the season.

What does this year 2021 mean for you?

“We’re starting from scratch. I have a new project ahead of me and the MV fascinates me a lot, considering that Moto2 seems to have become a Kalex trademark. I feel the urge to do something cool. After a year of going through it all, I’m ready to start ”.

Is the Balda who won races still there?

“Yes sir, I just have to find him again, but I know where he is: I don’t have to look for him (laughs) ”.

What can the Forward team give you and what can you give them?

“The team will be able to give me a lot because they show me that they work hard and have a great desire to get results. I hurry to give 110%, because sometimes 100% is not enough in Moto2. On the other hand, I can contribute my experience and a lot of information ”.

MV Agusta has been waiting for a podium for many years …

“That would be a good first goal, then we’ll see the other goals on the way. We’ll have to see how we start, in the tests it will be important to find a good base and then get good results from there.