MotoGP, Michelin replied to Miller: 20 “exit lap too slow

Yesterday after qualifying, Jack Miller did not miss a veiled criticism of the behavior of the tires used in qualifying.

Since the Australian did not mention Michelin, the Clermont company replied to the driver equally anonymously with an analysis of Saturday’s race.

Dry in the morning with a track temperature of 34 ° C, rising to 40 ° in the afternoon

Today the drivers concentrated a lot on the bumps of the track and a little less on the feel of the tires. This led to different comments and they varied from motorcycle to motorcycle and from rider to rider. What we know for sure is that the hard front is the best solution for racing because it offers good grip and support when braking. The middle front has not been very tested so far.

Regarding the rear options, all mixes are still options for the race. The soft showed very good potential, especially in the warm-up and on the left. The medium offers good grip but provides better stability, while the hard could also be a good choice due to its performance in terms of stability and consistency.

There was a complaint after Q2, but based on data immediately available, we note that there was a 20 second slower out lap than normal on the second run, so any perceived lack of performance can be attributed to the subsequent reduction in tire temperature and pressure (which we will have to confirm later after a detailed data analysis) for the single time attack round. In addition, the biggest contributor to lap time appeared to be the loss of 8 tenths of a second in Sector 2. Run 1 was similar to Pecco’s first run in terms of lap times. “

Obviously the reference to Miller in the last paragraph. Basically, Michelin stated that Miller ran too slowly on the opening lap, which caused the tires to cool down. Hence a decrease in absolute power. However, this is confirmation of the criticality of these tires, which have to remain within a narrow window of use.