Moto3, Fenati: “Another weekend like this? Impossible to repeat. It’s coming home. “

by Mattia Fundarò

Three years after the last time in Moto3, Italy was able to look forward to an all-Italian podium again. In Silverstone, England, the podium at a tricolor GP was monopolized from the start, thanks in part to an unfortunate one Andrea Migno and Riccardo Rossithat made it into the top ten. And so, in a really exciting summer for the Italians, the British Moto3 GP “comes home”, Dennis Foggia said jokingly. “It’s nice to be on a purely Italian podium and Niccolò and I ride the minibikes together. We did the MiniGP, the European Championship in the 125cc and now the World Championship, and we have always fought for our goals. It’s fantastic, ”said Fenati.

For Romano it was the icing on the cake of a simply perfect weekend: “It was definitely a fantastic weekend. Another repetition of this kind will be almost impossible, ”he explained. “The sensations on the bike yesterday and today were excellent. There was more wind today and it was harder to stay in front. I am more than happy. I don’t know why, but this weekend, like the previous one, I felt better alone. The feeling was excellent from the first lap of the weekend and we haven’t changed anything on the motorcycle. “

Romano admitted that after a weekend that he has commanded since FP1, he didn’t feel the pressure of having to win: “After the warm-up there was some pressure because I was ahead in all the sessions, but I didn’t feel it . We made jokes with the team on the grid and the pressure was gone. “

It was also a great weekend for Niccolò Antonelli, who moved from the risk of being a spectator to an exceptional podium.

“To be honest, I am really happy. It’s like a win to me. At first I wasn’t even sure if I could drive here because my hand is still broken, even if the situation is better than it was a few weeks ago, ”said Nicco. “The race was very fast and it helped me. If the group had stayed compact I would have had to fight and try to overtake and it would have been difficult with that hand. But I had the speed to keep up with Romano until the end , and that was important. He did an amazing job and I was really happy to stay with him. The all-Italian podium? I think like Fenny. I’ve shared the track with him for a long time. Today I wanted attack him but it was impossible. He was very strong and my hand wasn’t in good shape but I’m happy to be on the podium with them. “

Antonelli failed to achieve his best result of the season by doing better than the Doha GP in April, where he finished third. The result of a risk Nicco wanted to take in the days leading up to the GP:

“We took a big risk after Austria. I had a broken hand, but with the VR46 we decided not to have an operation because I’ve had a lot in the past and we thought it would have been better that way. But it was a risk, otherwise I would have had to stop at Aragon or Misano. I wanted to test here at Silverstone. We worked a lot and that helped me a lot over the weekend. We took a risk, but it paid off because I won the podium. “