MotoGP, Mir’s “Big Bang” and Hamilton’s universe: MotoGP and F1 in the mirror

Lewis Hamilton cries as he clings to his steering wheel. hold on to his seventh world title in Formula 1. You are the same as his career idol Michael sSchumacher won in the past, but the hustle and bustle of legend and the confrontation in Hamilton never terrified him.

“As a boy, you dream of these moments when you see grands prix. But what I have achieved goes far beyond dreams ”.

Joan Mir is crying too. Alone, in his helmet. Long seconds before he returned to the paddock to hug his mother again and then understand what happened and what this incredible first MotoGP world title really is.

“I don’t know, I don’t know. It’s a mix of different emotions. It happens when you have a dream all your life and then manage to make it come true. Now I have to relax and organize my thoughts ”.

Share tears, tears unite. It looks like a Hollywood drama, instead it’s a Genesis. There is something primal in the tears of these two champions, something that affects us all, something that allows us to be part of the birth of something great.

For me it’s all a real blast: a whole universe has opened up from the success of this title. When asked if he was feeling the pressure a few GPs ago, he tried to be vague, shrugged, saying that basically it probably wouldn’t be that much different from his success in Moto3. But when he reached the finish line today and crossed it, I saw the power of what he was doing.

“It’s a dream that comes true”. He used to skateboard as a child. His father sold them in his surfboard shop: with or without wheels for gliding on the water, it didn’t make much difference. Mama furnished apartments and kept all the family dreams together. Then there was Uncle Joan, whom Mir was ecstatic every time he saw him on his bike. Perhaps this worldwide success was already born there when Mir decided to rely on fate.

Today, at the age of 23, the Mallorcan boy climbed to Mount Olympus of the greatest. Without Marquez, with an outdated Valentino Rossi. As an outsider. In a world championship full of twists and turns worthy of a great thriller. In the paddock, while Suzuki is celebrating, there is also Mir’s mother, a leather jacket, a smile that lights up: “Joan fought so hard to get here, I think he deserved it one hundred percent. We tried to support him , we “always did it”.

On the other hand, in these days of confusion, it is the family that bears the burden. It happened to Hamilton too. As a child listening to his father tell him: Lewis, if you want something, you can’t give up, you can’t do it, you see?

And then he said yes and threw himself headlong into things. Now Lewis is here, again world champion, symbol of the fight against racism, the only black driver in Formula 1.

“At first I only felt free to be myself when I put my helmet on.” Hamilton didn’t need this success, he was way beyond it. He had already overcome everything: limits, pain, limits. This victory made him legendary.

“I hope that after seeing what I have done, children can take it as an example. If you want results, you must dream of the impossible, follow it without ever giving up and questioning your abilities.”

Nobody believed that he would have the ability to win again, and then again, again. With this consistency. But Lewis’ strength, even at 35, was this: always wanting more.

Now another challenge begins for both of them: to confirm their success. And it does not go without saying that it is easier for Lewis than me, the weight of success risks getting heavier and heavier. Both will try again the desire to make dreams come true by going faster and faster is too strong. If you take this away from some drivers or drivers what is left? A few laps on a track, the adrenaline and not even a few tears to wipe dry …