MotoGP, BINDER AFFAIR – Bagnaia is convinced that a super license is required for MotoGP

Today Darryn Binder has come back into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The South African defeated Dennis Foggia on the last lap of the Moto3 race in Portimao, ending the championship fight in Acosta’s favor. The Petronas team rider is not new to causing certain accidents and next year he will be in MotoGP which worries more than one rider.

Bagnaia, was categorical on this point: “I think we need a super license, like in the car championships – he suggested – with it When you do something in your mastery, you can advance to the next level. What we saw today is normal because we have seen many such crashes from him. He’ll be with us next year and we’re faster in MotoGP. I hope it won’t happen, but it’s something to think about. “

To the Me An exemplary punishment is required: “It is definitely not the first time that this driver has made such a maneuver. What is so important is that you have to punish these movements. Not for the race, but maybe a race or maybe more. Because if not, it will happen again. Fortunately, nothing happened to Foggia and Garcia today, but it can, especially in Moto3. “

Müller was a little more indulgent: “It can happen that a mistake happens, we often touch each other in the race – was his opinion – nothing happened today other than what normally happens in Moto3. It was certainly not good for Foggia and not even for Acosta, who couldn’t fight for the title against his opponent until the end. but I think we don’t have to worry about Binder getting into MotoGP, it’s a different level and then we all make mistakes.

As for a possible disqualification of Darryn for Valencia, Pecco preferred not to voice his opinion. “There are stewards who take care of it, I’m lucky that I don’t have to make certain decisions”.

Johanna, on the other hand, while Darryn admits some extenuating circumstances, believes that strict action is required. “I agree with Jack when he says accidents can happen, it’s not all Darryn’s fault, but the pressure he’s under is incredible. He has to show why he’s going to MotoGP next year and that pressure certainly doesn’t help him. ” make good decisions – explained the Suzuki driver – The fact that he decided the outcome of the title also makes this mistake even bigger. However, when we talk about safety, this has to be an example for the other drivers to prevent this from happening again. We need tougher penalties ”.

Müller, on the other hand, continued to play the role of defender. Not because the Australian wants to relieve Binder, but because he is trying to put himself in his shoes.

“Darryn is a bit of a wild driver, but anyone can make mistakes like this. Even Valentino made it – he explained – The pressure for MotoGP is great and he doesn’t yet know what to expect, he just scratches the surface. To be honest, I also disagreed with Oncus disqualification. What happens in Moto3, in my opinion, is not a problem of age, but of respect. Me and I have had some problems lately, but I respect him and understand his point ”.