Michelin denies helping Fabio Quartararo: “It’s impossible”

Tires were again protagonists in MotoGP this season, but for the worst of reasons, as several drivers complained about Michelin over the competition weekend at Silverstone.

Now Piero Taramasso, one of Michelin’s strong men in MotoGP, explained in an interview with GPOne why it is impossible to give preference to one or the other rider. This is because Fabio Quartararo is French and was one of the few who had fewer problems with his tires. Soon associations arose with the fact that both the driver and the tire manufacturer originally came from France. Taramasso now explained how it is impossible to favor one or the other rider:

– When there are such cases, people’s fantasies start to flow. One of the examples is that such things do not happen to Quartararo because he is French, but it is impossible to favor or disadvantage one or the other driver, even because the tires are allocated by lot. It is also not true that our budget has been cut and that we are saving. Fortunately, our company has weathered the pandemic emergency well and is in very good health. We have all of the technology available to fully understand what is happening.