Jack Miller criticizes the time it took to interrupt the race

Miller was among the 11 riders to hit the ground in the first part of the season finale, with the number of falls increasing as track conditions deteriorated before the race was interrupted after 14 laps.

Miller was one of the first to fall and got angrier in the pit lane as more and more drivers fell.

“I mean, it was a joke, they should have stopped the race long before that,” Miller said afterwards.

“I don’t apologize or anything, but for Maverick, for example [Vinales] crash almost in a straight line …

“It’s not normal the amount of water [that] came down. “

Miller felt that the drivers’ wishes expressed at Friday’s safety commission meeting were being ignored after some of his competitors raised their concerns about track conditions during practice.

He said the track in the race was “definitely” worse than on Friday, adding that the red flags should have come “a good five laps earlier”.

Miller suggested that race directors tried instead to bring the Grand Prix to three-quarters of the planned race distance as the regulations required this so that the results of the event could be officially declared in the event of an early interruption.

“We put a lot of pressure on the security commission on Friday because we had the two red flags on Friday, we said ‘Hey, if it gets bad, take off the red flag’.

“And for me it was like trying to cover a three-quarter race distance.”

Commenting on his own fall, Miller said, “It was a bit of bad luck, I just hit my normal line through Turn 3 and caught the same kind of gas, everything, just a puddle or whatever, and aquaplaning and a loop.

“Like all of us, each and every one of us, I don’t think there was a crash at the front end, everyone slipped from aquaplaning at the rear.”

World champion Marc Marquez, Suzuki’s Andrea Iannone and Miller’s Pramac team-mate Danilo Petrucci were among the drivers who dropped out when the rain got heavier.

The rain subsided, allowing the race to resume with a 45-minute delay, with Ducati’s Andrea Dovizioso crowning the season with a win.