MotoGP, Quartararo felt the pressure to be in Rossi’s place at the start of the season but not now

Mature, fast, unstoppable, so the best possible version of Fabio Quartararo, who used the mistakes of last year to get stronger in every way. His race in Assen was so perfect that you can even forgive him for his performance as a golfer at the celebration. “I promise I’ll work out,” he joked. He had already put the right ball into the hole and was even able to overtake Bagnaia, who did everything in the first laps to prevent him from escaping.

“I struggled so hard to overtake him, I tried in a corner, 12, where I didn’t think I would, but I succeeded.” – the Frenchman commented with satisfaction – and I had a bit of a struggle with my right arm all weekend, but like many drivers. “

Now he can go on vacation with confidence, 34 points ahead of Zarco and 47 ahead of Bagnaia. Nice prey that maybe not even he would have expected at this point in the season.

“At the beginning of the year I had no pressure from the team, but from outside – he remembered – The media said that I took the place of King of Valentino and that I had to live up to it. Although I tried not to listen to all of these comments, I just hoped that they would stop. The victory in Qatar made me very happy and from that moment on I didn’t feel the pressure anymore. Another important Grand Prix was that of Portimao as 2020 was a disaster while this year went well. I thought I would do well this season, but not like that ”.

There are observers who believe that now only Fabio can lose the title.

“I’m at a good moment in my career, every time I get on the bike I feel better, but I don’t think that I alone can make mistakes. The Ducatis and Mir are very fast and the championship is still wide open. There are so many strong drivers, I don’t see a specific one and have to concentrate on myself. I have a good advantage, but I have to start the second part of the season like the first two races in Qatar. This will be fundamental ”.

Quartararo has also shown that he doesn’t give up in difficult times.

“If they are, they were caused by my problem, like my arm in Jerez, not the bike. In Barcelona it was a disappointment, it was hard to see people protesting in Race Direction – he remembered the GP he did with the leather open – I laughed at that. I was excited by the words from Me, but now everything is cleared up.

The only shortcoming that can be found in the pairing of Fabio and M1 is the top speed.

“To be honest, we’re missing a bit of horsepower, but there is one more thing I won’t say and I’ve already asked Yamaha – he explained without giving too much away – This is one aspect that we struggle with compared to all other motorcycles. When we sort that out, we’ll improve our top speed a little too.

However, now is the time to start thinking about calm.

“The first week I’ll have a nice vacation with my family, whom I haven’t seen for a long time, but from the middle of the second week I’ll go back to training as always”, he concluded.