WSBK continues to work on Argentina Round for 2021

The Superbike World Championship had to adjust its calendar to the pandemic again in 2021, for example the first races in Most (Czech Republic) and Navarra (Spain). At the moment there are still departures planned from Europe, one of them in Argentina, and the executive director of the championship, Gregorio Lavilla, spoke about the current situation.

The leader has published the situation report of the South American race on the official website of the WSBK: “At the moment there are two different conditions. Argentina is on the trail and at the moment we are confirming the possibility of going there to bypass the quarantine on entry as we are working in a kind of bubble to be in a safe environment and provide all the facilities to make the event possible ” .

According to Lavilla, the scenario on the table is that the competition will take place while maintaining the necessary arrangements: “We have regular weekly meetings with the relevant people on site and are working to ensure that the event will always take place despite the last season.” We need a pending confirmation on whether or not COVID will allow us to go there.