Jack Miller praised Jorge Martín and confessed to being “nervous” with the speed of the rookies

Jack Miller believes rookies are getting faster and faster in MotoGP and that was evident in his words when he recalled the last race of the year, with a particular focus on Jorge Martín.

Speaking of the Pramac rider’s performance in the last MotoGP race of the year, the Australian said: “He was strong. I had to follow it for a long time, 27 laps to be precise, but this bike is by no means easy. It has its character and stuff. All the rookies were strong, that makes me very nervous because they are getting faster and faster. ‘

And he underlined the idea, went even further and explained that the Spaniard was very well managed and had grown:

– You’re getting faster and faster. Jorge did a fantastic job and missed a couple of races this year. He came with the professionalism that I may have lacked when I arrived. He took a step forward and did a fantastic job in his racing craft, shall we say.