MotoGP, Pernat’s MotoGP certificate: 3 for Rossi. Marquez phenomenon, Quartararo 10!

The World Cup ended less than a month ago, so it is time to take stock and award the marks for the end of the season. That is exactly what our own Carlo Pernat did for us in the special episode of Bar Sport on Saturday, December 11th.

Riders who passed, those who were sent back to study and most importantly, the mistakes made at the end of a 2021 year when Fabio Quartararo triumphed with Yamaha. Here are some of his opinions.

championship: 7 for the duel Bagnaia-Quartararo and a 6.5 for Valentino’s final, although Rossi’s results are not enough.

Dovizioso 5: I cannot give a score to a rider who has returned after a 2020 with Ducati with performances well below expectations.

Marini 5: has one advantage, namely its competitiveness in practice, but also two shortcomings. I say this because he struggles a lot in the first five laps with a full tank, and he doesn’t train properly, he always ends up breathless.

Rossi 6: Honorary vote, even if he gets 3 on his certificate for his championship.

Bastianini 7: qualifying is his Achilles heel, but in the race Enea showed great and even started 14th several times. We have to keep in mind that we are here in MotoGP and not Moto3, where you can find your way back more easily.

Vinales 4: he has to put his head in order because the screw ups he made this year will go down in history. Because of his head, he has always suffered with his teammates.

Martin 6: he deserves an 8 for a vote, but he has a flaw, that is, he falls too much because he is impulsive. This is a disadvantage for a driver as all of these falls are unacceptable.

Marquez 7.5: with all the problems he had, he’s come back into the game and that lets us understand its real depth. Marc did more than a human could ever do, even win races, in fact he’s a phenomenon.

Me 6.5: I have to give him a good grade considering he finished first and third in two years.

Bagnaia 8: Pecco lost the title in the first half of the season and that had a significant impact.

Fourth 10: To see what he’s done, just look at the performances of the other Yamahas. Fabio overcame all obstacles and withstood the pressure.