Moto3, Dalla Porta: I’m not presumptuous, but I dream of MotoGP.

It’s Lorenzo Dalla Porta’s time to celebrate. Tomorrow in Rome he will receive the Collare d’Oro, the highest award of the CONI. In Luxembourg last night he was the star of a party organized by his team, Flavio Becca’s leopard team. Lorenzo enjoyed the attention he really deserves after a season that saw him clinch the Moto3 world title for the first time in Italy.

Lorenzo, now that some time has passed, tell us what it’s like to be world champion?

It’s great, but I’m still the same guy I was before. The only difference is that I get a little tears in my eyes when I watch the videos from the races, ”he said with a laugh.

Has your life changed in any way?

I haven’t changed, but the way people see me has a lot. Now many recognize me, ask me for photos, approach me differently. “

“Every time you go up a step, you run the risk of stumbling. I’m not presumptuous. “

You really worked your way up the ladder. What do you see when you look back?

It was definitely tough and I must never forget what I did. We must never be presumptuous. With every step up there is always the risk of stumbling and taking two steps back. You have to be careful and never take things lightly. It’s been a difficult journey and there’s an added value to having won a World Cup. “

Those who have raced with the Leopard team have often had good careers, like Mir and Quartararo. Is it a happy team?

Let’s hope it is the same for me! ” he said with a laugh. “This team has definitely helped me grow a lot. We spent two wonderful years together and became a family. On the one hand, I also regret leaving them, but I hope they bring me happiness. “

How was that last season?

Unusual because at first it looked like nobody was really dominating. Canet and I were the ones with the most points, but no one knew who would have won. Before leaving for Thailand, many thought the championship had already been decided in Valencia. Instead, it was decided in Australia and it was an amazing feeling. “

“After the death of my grandmother, I found the strength to surpass myself.”

At that time of the season when your rivals were making mistakes, you changed your pace. Did you do the classic “click”?

“I didn’t think about getting any points, but I don’t think it was a real ‘click’. Unfortunately, the change was my grandmother’s death. It got me thinking. I saw things differently and managed to find the strength to surpass myself. “

You often talk about Grandma Nicoletta. It’s like two of you winning this world championship.

“I have fond memories of her. I have said it many times. She was the only person who, even when I made mistakes, found a way to defend myself. I had a special relationship so when I lost it it was even more painful. “

The number 48, your starting number, was a tribute to the year you were born. Next year you will be using number 19.

“I can’t use number 48 in Moto2 so I had to change it. Number 19 is the year my grandmother died, but number 48 is going to be something I’ll keep. In the end, it isn’t the number itself that matters, but the value you give it. “

“I already like the Moto2 on wet asphalt, on dry it will be great!”

A few weeks ago you tried the Moto2 for the first time. What were your first impressions?

“The biggest bike I’ve ever ridden was the 450 supermotard, but it has nothing to do with Moto2,” he said with a laugh. “It was all new to me and I had to try it when it was wet because it rained for three days in Jerez. After limited testing, we decided to only use one day to at least understand which bike I would ride. “

Do you have any idea?

“It was nice because the bike is fast and it’s really fun to ride. I had a bad taste in my mouth because I couldn’t ride on dry land. If I enjoyed it in the wet, it will be great on the dry one!

Bastianini will be your teammate in the pit lane.

“We had a great year together in Leopard in 2018, even if we were a little unlucky. I enjoy being with Enea. I’m sure we could help each other.”

“If you have a chance to get into MotoGP, you have to seize it.”

It seems like Moto2 is a class that everyone wants to leave as soon as possible. Me and Vinales only had a year.

“When you’ve got into Moto2, as soon as you have the chance to get into MotoGP, you try to use it. Not everyone can. There are only a few places left and you have to use them when the opportunity arises. “

So you’re already thinking about MotoGP?

“To say that I don’t want that would be a lie. It’s every driver’s dream. As a child you see MotoGP first, then the other classes. I hope I can be there asap. let’s see when that will be. “

What is your prognosis as the defending champion for the next Moto3 season?

“It’s going to be an uphill battle. There are definitely a lot of Italians who are strong. I’ll be cheering on the leopard drivers.” I think this year will be similar to last year with a lot of different winners. “

Do you deserve a little vacation?

“I’m training in top form. I’ll do that until Christmas, then I’ll go on vacation for ten days.”