MotoGP, Petrucci: “Between Maverick and Dovizioso I would bet one euro on Vinales”

One eye on Misano and one on the dunes of the Dakar. That has to be on the mind of Danilo Petrucci as he prepares to tackle the final races of the season in MotoGP and then literally jump on the KTMs that were born for the desert classic. It’s a really tough challenge on paper and it’s a big change for Danilo.

But before the Dakar can be tackled, there are races to be contested on the track and Petrucci has to try to reverse the course and to compete permanently in at least the top ten again. He has to end a long MotoGP adventure that deserves the best possible ending. Danilo is well aware of this and is determined to step out of the top class in style before switching to visor helmets and studded motorcycles. Meanwhile, a thought also goes to Tony Cairoli, a motocross legend who decided to quit at the end of the year. Petrucci could attract a lot of fans with his character and help them discover the world of off-roading like never before. A challenge that fascinates him.

Misano will also see the return of Dovizioso with Yamaha, the Japanese manufacturer’s answer to Vinales’ debut with Aprilia. Petrucci was asked who he would bet a euro on.

“One euro on Vinales or Dovizioso on Sunday? That’s a really good question. Now I would put it on Maverick because he has already done laps in Misano and has the experience of a race on the Aprilia. These additional kilometers in the saddle make all the difference. “

Back to your future and the Dakar, what do you think of Cairoli’s legacy? Somehow you’re involved.

“This challenge also spurs me on – Danilo confirmed – first of all I have to congratulate Tony Cairoli on his career and on what he has achieved. I really only wish him the best.” I want to make the world of off-road visible with my figure. On a sporting level, there has never been anyone who has contested a MotoGP race and then the Dakar in less than two months. The plan is to try it as an experience right away and then decide with KTM what to do from there. They offer me to do a Dakar with all the dedication that comes with it, and it’s no small thing without ever getting on that bike. Then we’ll see what comes out of it and what we could do together ”.

But do you enjoy racing in MotoGP until the end of the season when you know your future lies elsewhere?

“It’s different for me after coming here for a long time and with all the experience I have. Really having fun with these bikes is not easy, because it’s not about having fun in the saddle, but about commitment and dedication. You can’t get to the track and say OK, these are the last races, I think I’ll have fun ‘ because after you record two seconds per lap and there’s nothing funny about that. You enjoy it when you drove very fast at the end of the race and you can tell yourself that I just did my best. Otherwise it is impossible. I want to finish this season as well as possible, time is running out and there are only a few races left. I have to give it my all, try to stay ahead and maybe take a chance if it presents itself. I want to finish in the best possible way and maybe be on the podium for the last time “.

Dovizioso is also back in Misano. What do you think he can do

“I’m happy to see Andrea on a MotoGP bike again. How he can ride is hard to imagine. Tomorrow it will be complex because I know everything there is to be learned about a MotoGP bike, it will be difficult for him Only a few sessions that are short are enough: 45 minutes, but in Misano you actually do 11 or 12 complete laps per session. It’s hard to do everything well and then I know Andrea a little and even when finding the right position on the saddle he is very meticulous and precise. He has to take a few steps before he can be competitive. But then I also think that even though it’s not the same bike, he went fast in a private M1 in 2012. It’s going to be tough but he is a very intelligent driver and he will do well, maybe not right away this Sunday, but he will soon learn and be at the top “.

Your mother is back here in Misano too, isn’t she?

“Yes, mom is here too. We couldn’t bring anyone with us for two years, but this time she’s here and she’s more excited than me.”

What are your goals for Misano?

“In the last few races we found a good basic set-up for me on the bike and I feel good in the saddle. Every time I know I can be fast, but every time we have to see how big my gap will be on the straight in acceleration and top speed. Last year the RC16 was strong here at Misano so I want to at least try to score points and stay as close as possible to the other KTM riders. Aragon was difficult for me because I can only catch up when braking, but I’ve always found someone in front of me who slowed me down. I was losing time and it was difficult. I also made a few mistakes, I had Miguel in front of me and I stayed with him. It may not have been his best race, but it’s important for me to stay with the other KTMs. “

This is not your favorite track, but the rain may help …

“Yes, Misano has never been one of my favorite tracks. It’s a love-hate relationship. Here I’ve always been strong in the rain, while I’ve never done much in the dry. For me it’s of course the first time with the KTM, I don’t know what to expect. I’m worried about acceleration but I’ve been feeling better on the bike for a few races now and I want to try to make the most of it to enjoy these races until the end of the year. I don’t have the pace to win, but I want to be in the top ten. Maybe I can do a little more here in October if the weather is a little cool “.