“Brad Binder is always here to help and support me” – Darryn Binder

In 2022 Darryn Binder comes to the MotoGP World Championship. There he meets his brother Brad Binder and although they compete for different manufacturers – Darryn for the WithU Yamaha RNF MotoGP Team and Brad for the Red Bull KTM – the two do not miss the exchange of views, with the younger of the brothers being advised by the more experienced.

Quoted by speedweek.com, the rookie said that he doesn’t discuss specific aspects of teamwork, but rather receives advice and tips from his older brother about driving or the route:

– My brother and I definitely do not come up with the things we have to do with a manufacturer. He works with his team and I keep doing my work and what I have to do with my team and myself. But of course we always talk about things on the track, like a curve: “Did you notice that”? And he warned me, for example, before the first test: “Make sure you get the tires up to temperature”.

This is the second time the Binder brothers are rivals – just as they were in Moto3 in 2015 and 2016 – and Darryn has no reason to believe that anything will change in their life as rivals in MotoGP: “We live together And I think everything will stay normal If so, my brother will help me find speed as much as possible. For example, after the first day of testing, we had dinner and he told me that he was very impressed with my lap time. And I thought to myself: “Well, I have less”. But he said: It was very good ». He is always here to help me and to give me the best possible support. ‘