Honda announces Marquez’s MotoGP violation

Repsol Honda has released a quick update on the condition of eight-time World Champion Marc Marquez after sustaining an eye injury shortly before the end of the MotoGP season in which he missed the last two races of the year.

Originally diagnosed with a concussion after a fall while training on his enduro bike, Marquez’s team only later admitted that his condition was a little more serious, with another eye injury affecting his 2011 Moto2 season and potentially winning him the title Middleweight cost the first attempt.

These problems, which damage the muscles that control his eyes and create double vision, returned from the recent head trauma during exercise. The 28-year-old described his latest situation in his social media post about the new vision as “like 2011”. Problem.

“After Marc Marquez had a medical examination at the Dexeus Clinic in Barcelona last Tuesday, during which he was examined after a fall while training in the field, the driver rested the whole week in his house in Cervera,” it says in a Honda declaration at the time.

“During these rest days, Marc continued to feel uncomfortable and suffer from vision problems, which is why he was visited by the ophthalmologist Dr. Visited Sanchez Dalmau at the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, ​​examined and carried out the tests, a new episode of diplopia was discovered. “

Marc Marquez

With the best healing for his injuries, rather than a repeat of the 2011 surgery that fixed the problem last time, Marquez and his team took a more conservative approach this time – and it seems that strategy has paid off for him.

“The Repsol Honda Team rider,” said his team in a recent statement bodes well for Marquez, “who was diagnosed with an episode of diplopia after falling while training for the Portuguese GP last October, continues to attend regularly see his trusted ophthalmologist to assess the development of his eyesight over the past two months.

“During these reviews, the progress was deemed beneficial and Marquez will continue with a conservative treatment plan for the next several weeks.

“In addition to the conservative treatment plan, Marc Marquez will continue to have regular reviews with Dr. Subject Sánchez Dalmau. The situation does not prevent the driver from Cervera from continuing his training plan in order to prepare himself physically for a new season. “

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