MotoGP, Michelin: symmetrical hard front tire for the second Portimao GP

Portimao only recently entered the World Cup calendar but has quickly become one of the most popular events for both fans and drivers. Its 4.6 km stretch is often compared to a roller coaster ride with its constant ups and downs.

Michelin knows the Portuguese circuit well and will come to the Algarve GP well prepared as the temperatures shouldn’t be very different from April. It will offer MotoGP riders the three classic tire options (soft, medium and hard), but with some differences in construction. While the backs are all asymmetrical (the right side is harder due to the 9 corners rotating in that direction against the 6 on the left), for the soft and hard front they are symmetrical while the middle is asymmetrical.

There is a risk of rain and for rain tires there are soft and medium compounds for the front and rear wheels.

Piero Taramasso, Michelin Motorsport Two-Wheel Manager: “After the emotional roller coaster ride from Misano with its unbelievable ups and downs, we are now back to the physical roller coaster from Portimao with its height differences. The split for this race is a little different than the previous race in April. We took into account the feedback from the drivers regarding the asymmetrical front wheel option with a hard compound and replaced this tire with a symmetrical version in order to give them better feedback and more safety when cornering. “