It’s The Thought That Counts – MotoAmerica

‘Tis the season for the Superbike riders to give and get gifts for one another. After all, they’re such a generous and loving group of people.

Once again this year, we wrote the names of all the HONOS Superbike riders on little slips of paper, tossed them in a helmet, shook it real good, and had each of them draw a name, then get a nice gift for the rider they picked. Here are some of the highlights of the 2021 MotoAmerica Superbike Holiday Gift Exchange:

Jake Gagne > Mathew Scholtz: “I heard he needs golf lessons.”

Mathew Scholtz > Bobby Fong: “A tattoo of me on his neck.”

Bobby Fong > Jake Lewis: “Some protein to stack some muscle on his skinny pencil legs”

Jake Lewis > Cameron Petersen: “A Sport Clips gift card, so he can tame that mane and get a nice neck massage at the same time.”

The Herrin-mobile, compliments of Cam Petersen.

Cameron Petersen > Josh Herrin: “Would get him one of these:” Editor’s Note: Cam provided the photo to the right.

Josh Herrin > Corey Alexander: “A grill.” Editor’s Note: We assumed Josh was talking about a nice gas grill or maybe a charcoal grill, but nope.”

Some bling for Corey Alexander from Josh Herrin.

Corey Alexander > Kyle Wyman: “A gift certificate for a full factory Superbike ride in 2022.”

Kyle Wyman > David Anthony: “I would hire him a personal assistant because I know how hard it is to run a team on your own.”

David Anthony > Ashton Yates: “Tires for his Supermoto bike because he’s always burning laps at the Herrin Compound.”

Ashton Yates > Travis Wyman: “Some donuts to fatten him up some and even out the playing field since he probably weighs 30 pounds less than me. Also, I’d get him one of my posters so he’ll remember my name on the podium next time instead of calling me “Honda Boy” 😂😂

Travis Wyman > Andrew Lee: “A yellow flag from VIR.”

Andrew Lee > Bradley Ward: “New moto gear.”

Bradley Ward > Wyatt Farris: “A fire extinguisher.”

Wyatt Farris > Max Flinders: “I’d get him a train horn for his rig. It’d be for all the amazing drivers he comes across while traveling from race to race.”

Max Flinders > Jake Gagne: “I’d get him a weighted vest to slow him down next year. And some conditioner to make his hair look like Fabio’s.”

Happy holidays, everyone!