MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and the riders’ equipment are subject to updates to the technical regulations

After a series of meetings of the Grand Prix Committee – consisting of Carmelo Ezpeleta (Dorna, CEO), Paul Duparc (FIM), Hervé Poncharal (IRTA), Lin Jarvis (Yamaha – MSMA) and Paolo Ciabatti (Ducati – MSMA) – it became decided to update parts of the technical regulations. In a series of meetings held in November and December, details of the sporting regulations were also determined.

Technical regulations – IMMEDIATELY VALID

MotoGP class

A procedure for checking machines that are equipped with passive height-level systems was approved. Previously, teams had to provide the technical director with samples or detailed drawings of their aero body parts at the first event of the season. For 2022 machines, teams must now provide samples or full 3D CAD models of these parts. Homologated aero body parts from 2021 machines that will still be used in 2022
continue to be audited according to current procedures. At the request of Brembo with the support of MSMA, the following regulations for brake dimensions and packages now apply.

Carbon brake discs must have one of the permitted outer diameters, namely 320 mm, 340 mm and 355 mm.

On certain tracks, for safety reasons, the use of 340 mm or 355 mm carbon brake discs is compulsory for the race if they have been declared dry by the race director.

The circles currently listed for the mandatory minimum size of 340 mm brake discs are: Motegi (Japan), Spielberg (Austria) and Buriram (Thailand).

Either 340 mm or 355 mm discs can be used on these routes. There are no brake disc size restrictions in a race that has been declared wet. In order to take these changes into account, two alternative brake packages are now defined in the regulations, which must be delivered at a maximum price of € 80,000.

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Moto2 class

It is permitted to attach ducts to the front fender that are used only to cool the brake system and the discs.

All channels must be approved in advance before being used on the track and the decision of the Technical Director is final.

Moto3 class

The following items are now referred to as performance parts and must be homologated:

Complete motorcycle wiring harness (including wiring connections to airbox, dashboard, throttle body, handlebar switch panel and kill switch).

Complete fuel pump assembly from the fuel pump to the throttle body (including all connections and hoses).

Pressure regulator

Driver safety equipment

The sole purpose of any part of the rider’s racing suit, boots and gloves should be to ensure that the rider is protected in the event of an accident. Therefore, any part of the equipment that is used solely to support the aerodynamic effect of the driver is not permitted. The technical director’s decision is final when it comes to what just aero is.

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