News, Giovinazzi: “I, in Formula 1, like Bagnaia in MotoGP”

Once upon a time there were two drivers from Puglia … It’s not a joke. It’s the story of two guys who both had a passion for engines. The first is Michele, the second Antonio. Michele grew up with a passion for motorcycles. So much so that he became a Ducati test rider. Instead, Antonio loved four wheels until he realized his dream of racing in Formula 1.

Who are we talking about? You have it. Pirro and Giovinazzi, and both come from the same region in Italy. Martina Franca’s rider recently attended a media meeting on the Balocco circuit. In an interview with Corriere dello Sport, the new Alfa Romeo driver revealed his relationship with his Ducati colleague: “I know Michele well, also because we grew up in the same region,” said Giovinazzi. “Like me, he has cultivated his dream of doing something big with engines, and I think so To be a test driver with Ducati is a great achievement. “

In addition to four wheels, the new paint carrier is also a big fan of the world championship, so it looks like a young rookie from the premier class:I think I’ll see you in Bagnaia“He revealed. “IIn a way, he’s my yardstick. Pecco had a great world championship in Moto2, won the title and had the opportunity to ride a top-class Italian motorcycle. I think that’s the greatest thing for a driver. It would be nice for both of them to achieve great satisfaction on the track. “