MotoGP, Mir: “The first time in MotoGP I risked being blown up”

Among the designers taking part in the 78th edition of the Eicma is Suzuki and its drivers, including Joan Mir. The former world champion had the opportunity to bring the designer’s latest innovations onto the market and to exchange ideas with us at the GPOne.

We talked to # 36 about MotoGP and a lot more.

“I will always remember my first time riding MotoGP,” said Joan. “I hit the track without traction control or an anti-wheelie system. You did it on purpose so that I could understand the differences, ”he smiled. What can I say. The power of these bikes is unimaginable because they are one step ahead of a street version. “

2021 was certainly not an easy year for Mir. He never made it to the top step of the podium.

“When we got the holeshot in the middle of the season, we could improve, even if it was only the first version. With the second we made further progress, improves and at the same time confirms the potential of the engine. “

They are already in use at Suzuki for 2022.

“We haven’t put everything together yet. In fact, we are still waiting for several components. The Suzuki is a bike that stands out for its simplicity and does not require too much intervention to be competitive. “

Let’s stay with the topic of motorcycles, then his idol will tell me.

“I admired Pastrana very much, but I will never go with him. As we all know, Travis has been a symbol of Suzuki for many years. “

Speaking of Suzuki: We asked Mir which bike he would choose for a road trip, such as from Hamamatsu headquarters to Motegi.

“I would say the Hayabusa. I think it’s a very comfortable and fast bike. It could be interesting, maybe in the future. “

At Suzuki, the focus is on team managers. We don’t know who it will be yet, but there will be a new person in the workforce in 2021.

“As we all know, there will be a new addition to the team. This person needs to be able to work with and develop a relationship of trust with the Japanese in order to to contribute to the development of the bike. “

And finally, he spoke about Marc Marquez’s health problem.

“I don’t think it’s easy for a driver to stay at home after an injury. In this case, I think it’s a lot more difficult with his eye as Marc was back in shape in the last period. What can I say about his health problem. I want to win with all the drivers on the track. “