“At Yamaha I trained twice a week; At Honda you need a higher level of physical training ‘- Pol Espargaró

Pol Espargaró finished the first of two planned seasons with Honda in 12th place in the championship. Before riding the RC213V, the Spaniard rode the KTM, which is different from the M1 he rode when he reached the pinnacle of motorcycling.

When discussing the importance of training for a MotoGP rider, Espargaró initially said that he likes to run but uses this activity more as an escape route.

“I have the opportunity to live in paradise so I take the opportunity to run when I can, but I do it more to get away than to do a training session. There are a thousand ways to train, so I take the opportunity to switch it off, ”he said in the last chapter of the documentary“ Me, Rider ”broadcast by DAZN.

Espargaró made it clear in detail that the training of a particular athlete strongly depends on the bike on which he rides:

– The MotoGP athlete type is not a standard. It mainly depends on the bike you are traveling on. In my first year at Yamaha, I trained at medium intensity almost twice a week, I didn’t even have a physio trainer and I was able to finish the races perfectly. But when I switched to KTM, for example, and now to Honda, it takes more physical training.