Vinales calls for changes to the Red Bull Ring with “really there …

Maverick Vinales called for changes to the Red Bull Ring at Turn 3 after being involved in the serious accident between Franco Morbidelli and Johann Zarco during the Austrian MotoGP.

The Yamaha rider miraculously escaped without damage after nearly being hit by Morbidelli’s Yamaha and Zarco’s Ducati when they collided with 3 hairpin behind them on the way to the slow turn 3 hairpin.

With both bikes going around the inside of the bend and back over the apex where Vinales and teammate Valentino Rossi were positioned, they were missed by an incredible inch from being hit at high speed.

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The incident sparked discussions as to whether the layout of this section of the route – where a long incline bends to the left in front of a strong braking zone in Turn 3 – is suitable for motorcycle races, especially if a quick accident behind it could bowl riders ahead.

For Vinales, who emphasized how lucky he was, he would like to see changes to this part of the route and describe it as “really dangerous”.

“We were very lucky, that is the most important thing. It’s all right. These things can happen in races, the risk is always there. And in that corner, Turn 3, we always say it’s really dangerous. You have to do something because it’s really easy to fall there.

One particular cause for concern is the close proximity of a barrier on the left-hand side of the corner, where Andrea Dovizioso, Joan Mir and Jack Miller each request adjustments during the post-race press conference.

It’s a view Vinales shares, saying that he already had an “eerie” moment in the morning warm-up before the race.

“I almost fell while warming up. I locked up the front and walked a bit towards the walls and that was scary.

“But I honestly didn’t see anything on the bike during the incident in the first race. I only heard the scratching of crashed bicycles and then I felt the impact of Johann’s bicycle against the wall.

“When I looked then I saw a bike coming towards me and covered my head and the bike jumped up. We were of course very lucky, someone saved us, and that is the most important thing. “

It is not yet known whether the track will change immediately with a second Styrian MotoGP race this weekend at the Red Bull Ring.